Scope and Timescales



The well being and welfare of sickle cell patients is SCCAN’S primary concern. Therefore we aim to offer a variety of services to meet carers, individual and family needs. SCCAN services encompass education, counselling, referrals to health care and social services agencies, and emergency financial assistance. The counselling and education program is intended to help keep patients and their families informed about Sickle Cell Disease and to respond to the diverse questions and concerns that surface during counselling sessions e.g. unemployment, causes of CSA; transportation needs during a crisis, problems with getting drugs. As a result, over the past year, 20 people have received or accessed our services.


SCCAN will not be undertaking any research on finding treatment or cure for SCA.


Raising awareness, information sharing and support will be our focus. Support could come in forms of providing ‘small’ grants for clothing, food, shelter, utilities, transportation and other personal and household necessities depending on the impact the illness poses on individuals and families livelihood.


SCCAN does not have the capacity or resources to deliver this project to all SCA sufferers and carers.




This is ongoing work with no time limit.