Aim and Objectives


  • To increase awareness of Sickle cell and educate sufferers, their carers and communities in Sierra Leone and to minimise fatality as more people are made aware of the illness and how it can be prevented or managed/treated.


  • Increase the number of people who have registered and screened for SCA and are accessing and receiving medical treatment/advice/support for their illness.
  • Reduce deaths related to sickle cell illnesses especially amongst children (especially the Under 5s) and women by promoting and educating them about the importance of food and nutrition.
  • Provide a point of contact for first hand information and encouragement to sufferers, their carers and general public who require more information and resources to help Improve the health of Sickle cell sufferers and their ability to enjoy and pursue their livelihood.
  • Empower sufferers, their carers and the local community in terms of building their capacity to participate; train; organise events and provision of care for themselves and others.
  • Solicit funds from public, voluntary and private sources to support the organization’s programs.
  • Raise the awareness of Sickle Cell Anaemia Disorder and its causes, primarily within the communities, towards preventing the further spread of the illness by producing educational material, for use by health agencies, professionals, establishments and other providers in the community.
  • Members to meet and discuss issues that may be of concern to the group, such as hospital needs, treatments, schools and support networks as well as bring a voice for its members
  • Help identify and highlight gaps in services provided by health and social care departments and as a result lobby the government and policy makers.
  • To organise social events for members and their families