• SCCAN also makes available a varied selection of literature, games, films, tapes and other audio-visual aids to individuals, families, community organisation, hospitals, schools, as well as other interested people.
  • Provide medication (e.g. iron and folic acid, Mebendazole) to carers/sufferers and monitor distribution to ensure the neediest receive this support…
  • SCCAN educative outreach is broadened further by means of regular contact with print and broadcast media and through participation in community sponsored expositions, seminars and symposiums.
  • Hold publicity campaign in (Jaiama Nimikor) to recruit members (sickle cell sufferers and their carers).
  • Work in partnership with medical professionals and other stake holders to plan strategies and hold training sessions for new nurse educators.
  • Plan and hold meetings (seminars and workshops) in each village for sickle cell sufferers, their carers and families using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods and tools.
  • Publicity and sensitization campaigns in local dialects via the print and electronic media.
  • Organising training workshops for medical staff (nurses) who will be educators also in areas of sickle cell, nutrition and well being.
  • Engage with sufferers and carers to become peer educators through participatory learning methods.